• The family is the smallest unit where we can practice and perfect the Four Great Loves.
  • A true family is the training ground and school to achieve true love and true character.
  • Wherever there is unchanging parental love, unchanging conjugal love, and unchanging children’s love, God is always present.
  • An ideal family is a family whose members are connected with an inseparable bond of heart.
  • The family is the smallest unit that connects the past, the present and the future.
  • When a husband and wife truly love each other and build a family, it symbolizes the planting of God.
  • Man and woman are God’s masterpieces. When they love each other centered on God, it is supreme, transcendental love, not worldly love.

One World - One Family

The Meaning of
Hanul Pumonim

God, one of the most profound words in our vocabulary, can inspire the deepest feelings in us. And yet, we know very little about the nature of our Creator.
When we study the universe, we see that all beings exist by forming reciprocal relationships between masculine and feminine.
If even human, God’s highest creation, are differentiated as men and women, can our creator be only male?

A New Truth

From the dawn of history until today, we, human beings, have continuously searched for a truth that is absolute, and on which we can all agree.
In order for us to completely overcome the two aspects of our ignorance, we must find a new truth that can reconcile religion and science on a common ground.
A new truth must be able to unify knowledge, reconciling the inner truth pursued by religion with the outer truth pursued by science.
Dr. Brenda Sato
Dr. Brenda Sato

The Parallels

Examining the course of human history, we often find cases where the various circumstances of a period in history are repeated in similar form during a later age. Some historians are impressed by these phenomena and point out that history progresses in a spiral movement. Yet they do not understand the underlying cause.
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Prof. D. D. Thomas
Prof. D. D. Thomas
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